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KLM redefines the travel experience with “Travel Well”

KLM has launched its latest brand platform, KLM Travel Well to inspire and enable travellers to make more meaningful connections with people, places and experiences when they travel. KLM invites people to move beyond the ‘well-travelled’ autopilot ticking off destinations to a true ‘meaningful travel’ experience that prioritises real connections with people, places and experiences.

KLM has been a pioneer in aviation for over 100 years, helping travellers reach destinations with its signature thoughtful, caring and reliable service.  The airline aims to make travel more meaningful through creating meaningful experiences, meaningful connections and meaningful innovations.

Source: KLM
Source KLM

People want to change how they travel, according to a recent research conducted by KLM with Norstat. 3 out of 4 travellers indicate they would like to travel more meaningfully on their next trip, especially Gen Z and Millenials. A shift in mindset is observed, with 97% of Chinese travellers expressing a desire for meaningful experiences on their next trip and 89% prioritising meaningful connections with people and places over simply visiting destinations.

Guided by Travel Well, KLM will continue to prioritize genuine connections with travelers, embedding thoughtfulness and care about each and every journey into all aspects of the KLM experience: to do our own small part in creating more meaningful – and therefore more memorable and enjoyable – travel experiences.

KLM intends to introduce next-generation aircraft, integrating AI technology, offering more spacious seating, fine dining, augmented entertainment, and other service upgrades on the ground and in the air to ensure enhanced comfort for every traveller.

Travellers have the opportunity to purchase an additional SAF contribution during booking to help reduce air travel’s dependence on fossil fuels and make a contribution to sustainable air travel.

This platform is just the beginning of KLM’s multi-year commitment to enable people to make more meaningful connections with people, places and experiences while travelling. KLM’s first commercial flight to China was in 1948, and it has been committed to providing world-class service to its Chinese customers. In the Spring/Summer 2024 season, KLM will operate 23 weekly passenger flights to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol from 31 March to 26 October 2024, from four destinations in Greater China. 7 weekly flights to Beijing, 7 weekly flights to SHanghai, 4 weekly flights to Hong Kong and 5 weekly flights to Taipei, operated with the Boeing 777 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft.

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