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Malaysia Airlines Now Charges Preferred Seat Selection

Malaysia Airlines


Malaysia Airlines will be charging for preferred seat selection in Economy Class at the time of booking or anytime before check-in opens. This fee is waived if you are flying in First Class or Business Class and if you are an Enrich Platinum member.

The fee charged is based on departing and arrival zones and ranges from RM11 to RM50 for standard seats and from RM22 to RM150 for emergency exit seats. For extra legroom seat selection onboard the Airbus A330s the fee ranges from RM50 to RM200 while Upper Deck seat selection onboard Malaysia Airline’s A380 aircraft costs RM100.

Malaysia Airlines – Pre-Select Seats and fee (SIN – KUL)

While this may be a great ancillary revenue stream for the airline, it sure puts off the customer experience. In my opinion, it is perfectly fine for airlines to charge for premium seats such as for bulkhead and emergency exit seats. But to charge for seat selection for all seats, that does not look so attractive. Is the national flag carrier of Malaysia going down the low-cost carrier route to stay afloat?

Malaysia Airlines is not the only full-service airline that charges for pre-selection of seats. Skyteam member KLM also charges customers for pre-selecting seats. Emirates has started charging for advance seat reservations since 3 October 2016 if you are travelling in Economy Class on a special or saver flight costing between USD15 and USD40. For flights between Singapore and Australia or Dubai, each seat reserved would cost you USD25. And if you are flying to the United States from Dubai, add another USD40.

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9 Comments Already

  1. i have been trying for over an hour to book my favourite seat on a flight on 31.1017 to phnom penh, i want seat 43d melb to kli why is your email site so bloody hard to access

  2. I had no problem to buy seat using manage my booking. But careful when you choose the seat. Once you bought the seat, if you want to change the seat number, you need to pay again. I wanted to change my seat to the back side but the mas system take changing seat number as cancelling old one and choosing new one.

  3. Malaysia Airline is almost at par with budget airlines. Look at non veg food. The chicken, that is served mostly, is 1/4 th of what it used to three fours back. Hot towel to wipe stale looking face is thing of past.

  4. Hi,
    How ca I buy flight seat in one week advance?
    Thanks,soe min

  5. This is an absolute scam. I have flown MA many times over the years and never paid for my seats before. I have 4 stages on my flight so it would end up costing me at least an extra $65 on top of the ticket cost! Why bother anymore with MA? I might as well fly AirAsia from now on. This will be my last flight with this airline.

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