ANA Jamco Lavatory Door
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ANA Introduces Hands-Free Aircraft Lavatory Door

ANA Jamco Lavatory Door
ANA Jamco Lavatory Door ANA Photo

All Nippon Airways has partnered JAMCO Corporation to develop the world’s first hands-free lavatory door. This allows easy access to lavatories on its aircraft. This was developed as part of the ANA Care Promise initiative to help reduce transmission of germs. From 1 May 2021, the first hands-free doors will be introduced on domestic flights. Each door features a large inner door locking knob and additional handle so you can use your elbow to unlock the door. Instructional signage has also been placed near the lavatory.

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11 Boeing 787-8 aircraft, two Boeing 787-9 aircraft and eight Boeing 777-200 aircraft will be fitted with the new hands-free lavatory. ANA hopes to introduce this to all domestic and international aircraft in the future.

To help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens, ANA has instituted the ANA Care Promise programme. This programme goes above and beyond the recommendations from public health officials in order to keep passengers and employees healthy. ANA is the first airline in Asia and fourth in the world to receive the SKYTRAX Airline Safety 5-Star rating . This rating confirms the effectiveness of ANA Care Promise.

“Guided by the principles of ANA Care Promise, we have continued to invest in the development and implementation of innovative technologies because the health and safety of passengers and our staff is the top priority. The hands-free lavatory door is the latest example of us putting this principle into practice as we look for ways to make the travel experience safer and more convenient.”

Shinichi Inoue, Senior Executive Vice President, Customer Experience Management & Planning.

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