[Travel Essential] Stay Connected with Roaming Man Portable WiFi

Roaming Man Service

Roaming Man Service

ROAMING MAN portable Wi-Fi Service

Staying connected on the go is a must. even when you are travelling. Yes, I am referring to 4G Wi-Fi on the go.  The options to stay connected are plenty. You can roam but that would not be the cheapest option. Or you can purchase a local prepaid SIM when you arrive at your destination. Or bring along a 4G Wi-Fi router.

Roaming Man - Going live on social media in Espoo, Finland

Going live on social media in Espoo, Finland

So this is where ROAMING MAN comes into the picture. In January this year, we were first approached by Ucloudlink, a global Mobile Virtual Network Operator that provides seamless wireless communications around the world. I brought the ROAMING MAN device with me to Finland to give the service a try. I enjoyed uninterrupted data access whenever I needed. I was in the middle of a frozen river doing a Facebook live. Connecting to the WiFi device was easy. Look for the SSID in your mobile device and enter the password printed on your ROAMING MAN device and you are connected.

Dennis travelled to Rome and Florence with the ROAMING MAN device in February and also enjoyed uninterrupted data. However, when we visited Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus region, those countries were not covered by ROAMING MAN.

The ROAMING MAN device lasts for up to 12-hours when fully charged. And trust me, as a heavy data user, I was always checking emails and downloading attachments, uploading photos and videos onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms while whatsapping with the folks back home in Singapore. This meant that I only require a power bank to charge the phone instead of having to also charge the ROAMING MAN device.

Features of the portable Wi-Fi device include 4G high speed, worldwide secure internet access, no expensive roaming fees, no contracts, unlimited data, shareable with up to five devices as well as easy one-button operation. The WiFi device does not require any SIM cards and automatically connects by Cloud SIM technology to the local carrier’s network with the strongest signals based on your location. It weighs only 151 grammes. It serves 100+ countries with a maximum range and distance for the WiFi of around 10 metres. Download at speeds of 150mbps or upload at speeds of 50mbps.

To order a ROAMING MAN device, visit sg.roamingman.com. You need to order at least four business days before your start date. The device will be sent to you 1 or 2 days before your rental package starts. You can order up to 10 devices should you be travelling in a group. You can then pack this into your cabin bag and leave your home for the airport with the peace of mind.

Choose your WiFi package or destination that you will be travelling to. You can also rent by region if you are travelling to more than one country in the same region. These packages include the Europe 39 countries and regions, Southeast Asia 4 WiFi, Northeast Asia 6, North America 3 WiFi and Global 100 WiFi. Per day rates start from S$3 by country and up to S$16 per day for the Global 100 WiFi service.

Returning the device after you come back from your trip is as simple as calling the courier service’s toll-free number.


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