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Singapore Travel Trends for the Year of the Pig

Source Sabre International

Travelling during the Chinese New Year holiday has increased this year compared to previous years. Close to 1 million people will be travelling outside Singapore between 2 and 10 February 2019.

These data revealed by Sabre Corporation, the technology provider of the global travel industry, demonstrates that the number of airplane seats from Singapore over the festive period has increased by over 5 percent in comparison to last year.

The top three destinations include Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and Hong Kong.

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HomeAway conducted a survey of 1,000 Singaporean travellers and discovered that 3 in 4 Singaporean families said that they saw overseas vacations as a chance to spend quality bonding time together. Amongst the regular holiday home users, 77% felt that staying in holiday homes help families to bond on their holiday. 75% of respondents will opt to book a holiday home over a regular hotel as these properties were able to accommodate the whole family under one roof, with 74% indicating they enjoyed the conveniences of being a home away from home citing amenities as kitchen, laundry and outdoor space.

Hotels.com Zodiac Travel Forecast

The Zodiac red packets from Bank of China Prestigious Wealth Management
The Zodiac red packets from Bank of China Prestigious Wealth Management

Hotels.com has collaborated with celebrity fortune teller Mak Ling Ling to dish out travel predictions for each zodiac during the Year of the Pig. Mak has also appeared in numerous Hong Kong movies and dramas.


A great year to travel, albeit and accident-prone one. Avoid extreme activities and remember to stay vigilant while travelling. Surround yourself with nature and indulge your mind, body and soul with positive energy.

Recommended travel destination: Hakone and Kyoto (Japan)

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Opt for homestays and bed & breakfasts for a truly local travel experience

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Shibu Hotel – Yamanouchi (Japan)  Guest rating: 9.6 
  • FUJITAYA BnB – Kyoto (Japan)  Guest rating: 9.2 


2019 will be a year of love for you. WOmen should look forward to finding romance at the beach during the next summer getaway. Consider long-haul travel to improve your luck.

Recommended travel destination: New South Wales (Australia), Phuket (Thailand) 

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Choose beachfront resorts to relax and unwind, or chic boutique hotels to mingle and make new friends. 

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Mom Tri’s Villa Royale – Karon (Thailand)  Guest rating: 9.6 
  • Atlantic Byron Bay (Australia)  Guest rating: 9.6 


This will be a year of good tidings to your career. There will be many opportunities to travel for work. Be mindful of who you travel with, as there is likelihood you will get involved in arguments, particularly with women.

Recommended travel destination: Malaysia

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Consider travelling with a foreign companion or male friends instead.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • The Kuala Lumpur Journal (Malaysia)  Guest rating: 8.6 


Your career outlook for 2019 may not be strong, but old is gold. Consider travelling with parents or older relatives to boost your luck.

Recommended travel destination: Seoul (South Korea) and Hokkaido (Japan)

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Select senior-friendly hotels with big family rooms and accessibility features.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • La Vista Akangawa (Japan)  Guest rating: 9.4 
  • Oakwood Premier Coex Center (South Korea)  Guest rating: 9.2 


You will demonstrate exemplary performance in your workplace. You will also be prone to emotional instability. Avoid secluded places. Watch your belongings when travelling. Do not attempt to transport luggage on behalf of others.

Recommended travel destination: Bangkok (Thailand) and Tokyo (Japan)

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Visit bustling cities with plenty of nightlife and shopping activities.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Casa Nithra Bangkok (Bangkok)  Guest rating: 9 
  • APA Hotel Shinjuku Gyoen-mae (Japan)  Guest rating: 7.8


Hong Luan (Lucky Star) shines upon your Zodiac. You will enjoy great relationships with the people around you and double your luck by travelling more in 2019.

Recommended travel destination: Hoi An (Vietnam) and Siem Reap (Cambodia) and Yangon (Myanmar)

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Consider buying souvenirs and gifts for family and friends to fend off back luck, but be mindful of small and trivial expenses.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Anantara Hoi An Resort – Hoi An (Vietnam)  Guest rating: 9 
  • The Strand Yangon (Yangon)  Guest rating: 9.6 
  • The Beige – Siem Reap (Cambodia)  Guest rating: 10 


This is a year of uncertainty, but your fortunes can be improved with more travel. Take care of your personal safety when travelling and avoid road trips.

Recommended travel destination: Taiwan, Japan or Malaysia

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Opt for city destinations with vibrant culture.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Originn (Taiwan)  Guest rating: 9.6 
  • Robot Hotel by Henn na Hotel Tokyo Ginza (Japan)  Guest rating: 8.2 
  • Container Hotel (Malaysia)  Guest rating: 8 


Good luck befalls you when you travel solo or for work. Be mindful of your personal belongings and prepare adequately for weather changes when travelling to avoid any last minute disruptions.

Recommended travel destination: Adelaide (Australia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Chiang Rai (Thailand)

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Visit destinations with good weather all-year round.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Seawall Apartments – Glenelg (Australia)  Guest rating: 9.2 
  • Reef Villa & Spa – Wadduwa (Sri Lanka)  Guest rating: 10 
  • Homestay Chiang Rai (Thailand)  Guest rating: 8.4 


Unleash your creativity. Travel solo and discover your inner self. Be mindful of unsuspecting injuries from animals while travelling and watch out for road safety.

Recommended travel destination: Chiang Mai (Thailand), Ubud (Indonesia), Manila (The Philippines)

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Harness your creativity by checking into hotels with creative and unique design concepts.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • BALQUISSE Heritage Hotel (Indonesia)  Guest rating: 9 
  • Hotel H2O (Philippines) Guest rating: 8.2
  • Cho Hotel (Taiwan)  Guest rating: 8.8 


This is going to be joyful year for you. It is also a year of good fortune. Tap on your good luck for some wealth to come your way during your travels.

Recommended travel destination: Malaysia

Travel Tips to improve your luck : Bask in joyous occasions including overseas weddings.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Resorts World Genting, Genting Highlights (Malaysia)  Guest rating: 8.6 


2019 marks a year to create and a good year to pick up new skills. There may be some travel scares along the way, so don’t forget to get yourself insured ahead of your trip.

Recommended travel destination : Gili Islands (Indonesia), Niseko (Japan), Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)

Travel tips to improve your luck : Embark on an overseas educational trip or take up a short course during your travels.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Gili Treehouses – Gili Trawangan (Indonesia) Guest rating: 9.8
  • The Lodge Moiwa 834 (Japan)  Guest rating: 9.2 
  • The Alcove Library Hotel (Vietnam) Guest rating: 8.8


2019 will be filled with joyous occasions. There may be potential for a whirlwind engagement or new addition to the family. High chance of falling ill during your travels. Remember to pack sufficient medication.

Recommended travel destination : Sarawak (Malaysia), El Nido (Philippines), Luang Namtha (Laos)

Travel tips to improve your luck : Visit nature spots to eliminate stress.

Hotels.com Travel Recommendation :  

  • Borneo Highlands Resort (Malaysia)  Guest rating: 6.2 
  • Miniloc Island Resort (Philippines)  Guest rating: 9 
  • Hillside Nature Lifestyle Lodge (Laos)  Guest rating: 9.6 

2019 Top Destinations During Spring Festival – AGODA

Agoda has revealed based on booking data that Bangkok, Tokyo and Taipei are the top three most popular destinations for Asia Pacific travellers over the Lunar New Year period this year. Osaka loses its third spot last year to sixth, while Taiwan’s Taipei came in Third, Kaoshiung and Taichung came in fifth and seventh respectively.

Three is a trend of gourmet and retail destinations including Bangkok, Tokyo, Taipei, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore among the top destinations.

Top 10 destinations for Asian travelers in 2019

1. Bangkok, Thailand1. Tokyo, Japan1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Tokyo, Japan2. Bangkok, Thailand2. Tokyo, Japan
3. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia3. Osaka, Japan3. Taipei, Taiwan
4. Taipei, Taiwan4. Taipei, Taiwan4. Hong Kong
5. Hong Kong5. Seoul, South Korea5. Kaohsiung, Taiwan
6. Seoul, South Korea6. Hong Kong6. Osaka, Japan
7. Osaka, Japan7. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia7. Taichung, Taiwan
8. Singapore8. Singapore8. Sapporo, Japan
9.  Chiang Mai, Thailand9. Kyoto, Japan9. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10. Pattaya, Thailand10. Phuket, Thailand10. Singapore

Top Destinations – Singapore

Singaporeans prefer to travel to neighbouring regions to spend the short Lunar New Year public holidays. For the first time, staycations have emerged as a popular choice for those who prefer staying behind to celebrate the festival.

1. Batam Island, Indonesia1. Batam Island, Indonesia1. Bangkok, Thailand
2. Johor Bahru, Malaysia2. Bangkok, Thailand2. Batam Island, Indonesia
3. Bangkok, Thailand3. Johor Bahru, Malaysia3. Johor Bahru, Malaysia
4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia4. Tokyo, Japan
5. Malacca, Malaysia5. Malacca, Malaysia5. Singapore
6. Bali, Indonesia6. Bali, Indonesia6. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7. Tokyo, Japan7. Tokyo, Japan7. Taipei, Taiwan
8. Phuket, Thailand8. Taipei, Taiwan8. Malacca, Malaysia
9. Bintan Island, Indonesia9. Phuket, Thailand9. Bali, Indonesia
10. Taipei, Taiwan10. Bintan Island, Indonesia10. Khao Yai, Thailand

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