What Makes A Vacation Memorable According To HomeAway Study


HomeAway Science of Memories study has revealed that travellers across Singapore, Japan, Korea and Hong Kong found trips more memorable when smartphones are used for holiday-related activities. 80% of the 500 people studied used smartphones to take selfies or look up restaurants and other activities during their holidays and find them to be more memorable. And if you are travelling with friends and family, that makes it most

And if you are travelling with friends and family, that makes it most memorable over those who travelled with just family, just friends, as a couple or alone. Whether travelling on budget or going on a luxe holiday, it didn’t matter to those studied. That did not affect the memorability.


46% of people who created a physical photo album, scrapbook or photo album found their holiday very memorable followed by 45% kept a journal. 88% blogged about their trip found their holiday memorable or very memorable and 86% sent postcards or letters. I used to buy postcards whenever I visited another country and then go find a stamp to post it back to myself as a memory of the journey. Do you also do that?

It wasn’t surprising that people who were happy or excited before their holiday or spent the most time planning found the trip to be most memorable. People who planned their own trips remember everything in their holiday (30%)., while more people with no role in planning only remember a few specific highlights (17%).

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