Source: Corendon

A Complete Boeing 747-400 For Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam

Source: Corendon
Source Corendon

In Amsterdam, a complete Boeing 747-400 will be placed in the garden of Corendon Village Hotel, which used to be the former headquarters of Sony. The transportation of the plane from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam will be taken on by Dutch specialised transport company Mammoet over five days from 5 February. The plane has to cross 17 ditches, highway A9 and one provincial road.

The Boeing 747 was previously a KLM aircraft named ‘City of Bangkok’. It will be given a new home as a new final destination after 30 years of service.

The once queen of the skies was repainted in the colours of Corendon in Rome. All the serviceable parts such as the engines were removed by aircraft recycling company AELS.

It will be converted into the Corendon Boeing 747 Experience which will be open to the public in Q3 of 2019.

The Corendon Village Hotel opened last year with over 680 rooms, suites and apartments. It joined nine other Corendon Hotels & Resorts in the Netherlands, and Turkey and on Ibiza and CuraΓ§ao. The Corendon is a tour operator, airline company and hotel chain on the Dutch and Belgian travel market. Corendon’s aviation business includes Corendon Dutch Airlines, Corendon Airlines Europe and Corendon International Airlines with a total of eighteen aircraft.

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