Turkish Airlines launched new Business Class amenity kits in April 2018
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[NEW] Turkish Airlines Christian Lacroix & Molton Brown Amenity Kits

Turkish Airlines launched new Business Class amenity kits in April 2018
Turkish Airlines launched new Business Class amenity kits in April 2018

I recently flew with Turkish Airlines to Moscow via Istanbul in May 2018 and got a pleasant surprise when I was given a Christian Lacroix Voyage amenity kit instead of the Bentley or Jaguar branded ones. On my journey home from Saint Petersburg to Singapore via Istanbul, I received the dark blue Molton Brown amenity kit.

Turkish Airlines’ previous version of the amenity kits given out to Business Class customers has been car brands including Porsche Design. While flipping through the May issue of Skylife, Turkish Airlines’ in-flight magazine during my flight, I learnt that the new travel kits were offered from April this year. Business Class customers flying into Turkey on long-haul flights are given the Christian Lacroix kit. On their flight out of Turkey, they would be given the Molton Brown kit.

The Chopard and Insitut Karite amenity kits given out to Economy Class passengers have not be changed at this moment.

Flying into Turkey – Christian Lacroix

Turkish Airlines Christian Lacroix Voyage amenity kit bag 4318
Christian Lacroix Voyage bag

The Christian Lacroix Voyage amenity kit is housed in an elegant black clutch bag with an embossed print at the front with the words Christian Lacroix Voyage. The size of the kit is just right as a small clutch or for you to keep your essentials like your passport, mobile and wallet while travelling. Turkish Airlines joins other airlines that also give out Christian Lacroix amenity kits including Air Astana and Etihad Airways.

Turkish Airlines Christian Lacroix embellishments 4321
Christian Lacroix Zipper

The zippers on the top of the kit also embossed with the words Christian Lacroix Voyage. The material used for the bag is almost leather-like. The black gives it a nice touch of elegance.

Turkish Airlines Christian Lacroix Voyage kit created exclusively by Formia
Turkish Airlines Christian Lacroix Voyage kit created exclusively by Formia

Open up the bag and turn it inside out, two labels are revealed. The top label reads “Exclusively designed for Turkish Airlines” while the other is the logo of the manufacturer Formia.

Turkish Airlines Christian Lacroix Voyage amenity kit contents
Turkish Airlines Christian Lacroix Voyage amenity kit contents

The amenity kit contains the usual essentials for air travel – a pair of anti-slip socks, a dental kit of a toothbrush in a carry case and Signal branded toothpaste, a hairbrush, eyeshades, shoe horn, a pair of 3M foam earplugs and a Christian Lacroix lip balm & facial cream. Coloured stickers indicating whether you wish to be waken up for meal service or not to be disturbed are a standard issue in both Business and Economy Class kits.

Flying From Turkey – Molton Brown

Turkish Airlines Business Class amenity kit Molton Brown 4314
Molton Brown amenity kit

Molton Brown is the amenity used onboard Turkish Airlines flights in Business Class.  In the restrooms, a set of Molton Brown’s Orange and Bergamot Hand Wash and Hand Lotion, as well as a Ylang Ylang scent diffuser as part of the airline’s ‘living garden’ concept, were introduced earlier last year. Molton Brown was chosen because the brand is synonymous with “refreshment, naturalness and luxury”. They are presented on a customised wooden board in the restroom to accompany the creeper plants giving guests a garden in the air experience.

Molton Brown zipper
Molton Brown zipper

The Molton Brown amenity kit bag looks a little flimsy because of the splash-proof softer material it is made of. Hence, when the cabin crew gives out these amenity kits it comes almost flat. I had to prop it up for the photo so that you have a better perspective of the bag. But because the material is flimsy and collapsible, it makes a good bag to bring along if you want an organised baggage. You can put in anything from toiletries, but that’s provided you do not have a lot of toiletries, to socks or even cables. That zipper handle is elegant. Absolutely love the design.

Turkish Airlines Molton Brown amenities in kit 4326
Molton Brown skincare products in Amenity Kit

The amenity kit contains the same items as the Christian Lacroix kit except for the Molton Brown lipsaver and hydrator, Molton Brown has been based in London since its beginning in 1973. Rare ingredients are sourced from around the world and then blended to produce products for everyone with specialist ranges for men and women. It bears the royal warrant for the supply of toiletries to Her Majesty, Queen Elizbeth II.

Formia - Turkish Airlines Molton Business Class Amenity Kit 4335
Kits supplied by Formia

FORMIA offers a full range of quality bespoke amenity kits, bags, cosmetics and comfort items as well as tailor-made in-flight service concepts for the travel industry. FORMIA also produces Qatar Airways current First and Business Class Amenity Kits featuring BRIC as well as kits for Cathay Pacific’s Premium Economy Zixag kits, Xiamen Airlines’ Acca Kappa kits, Austrian Airlines’ overnight amenity kit for delayed passengers, Brussel Airlines Mandarina Duck kit, Japan Airlines loungewear, Air Astana’s Christian Lacroix and Furla kits, Saudia’s amenity kit and many others.

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