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New Korean Air safety video features virtual humans

On January 4, 2024, Korean Air unveiled a fresh in-flight safety video that incorporates virtual humans. In this flight safety video, Rina a virtual Korean Air flight attendant provides safety instructions within a computer-generated environment. The airline aspires to connect with a broad spectrum of customers, encompassing various age groups and cultural backgrounds, through the introduction of this virtual human concept.

Netmarble FNC’s Metaverse Entertainment of Netmarble F&C created the virtual human Rina and virtual girl group of four MAVE. This virtual realm was specifically designed to simplify the explanation and comprehension of in-flight safety regulations. Rina underwent safety training at the Korean Air‘s Cabin Crew Training Centre and was subsequently named an honorary flight attendant. The MAVE group members assume the role of passengers, actively participating in demonstrating and adhering to the safety instructions.

The video addresses essential information that passengers need to be aware of, including guidelines on stowing carry-on luggage, fastening seatbelts, restrictions on prohibited items during the flight, adherence to cabin smoking regulations, protocols for handling cabin pressure abnormalities, identification of emergency exit locations, and instructions on donning a life jacket.

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