Hainan Airlines Lounge To Open at Beijing’s Terminal 2 & Changes to Fortune Wings Club

Hainan Airlines International Lounge in Beijing T2

Hainan Airlines will open its first international VIP lounge in Beijing Capital International Airport’s Terminal Two in April 2017. The 726 sqm Hainan Airlines International Lounge is the airline’s flagship project for passengers flying on the airline’s international flights.

It was designed by Hong Kong architect and interior designer Dr. Patrick Leung. The lounge combines natural materials and styles, creating an elegant and refined environment. Patrick was inspired by the nature and harmony of Hainan. Instead of using excessive luxury, he introduced the peace and tranquillity of Eastern philosophy with aspects of soft lighting and ocean wave forms.

The lounge can accommodate 150 passengers in a dozen different areas such as the lounge with a traditional Chinese tea art display, rooms for reading, relaxation and sleeping, showers and wet rooms, an exclusive VIP area, and an audio-visual room. Custom-made meals are available on request. Nespresso coffee is also served.

Hainan Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme Changes

The airline also recently announced that from 1 July 2017, members of its frequent flyer awards programme, Fortune Wings Club, will earn points based on ticket price and membership level instead of flight distance and class. Elite members can a maximum of 80% bonus points. This new rule also applies to Fortune Wings Club affiliate flights on Hainan Airlines, Grand China Air, Tianjin Airlines, Lucky Air, Capital Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Yangtze River Airlines and Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines.

In addition to base ticket fares, airline surcharges will also be counted towards points accrual. For regular members, every RMB 10 in ticket fares or airline surcharges will earn ten Fortune Wings points; for Fortune Wings Club Select Card, Silver Card, Gold Card, and Platinum Card members, RMB 10 in ticket fares or surcharges can earn an additional one, three, six and eight points respectively. The higher the ticket price and membership level, the more points a member can earn. Up to 75,000 points can be earned for a single leg. If a Platinum Card member flew Hainan Airlines round-trip in business class from Shenzhen to Auckland, with a ticket fare and fuel surcharge totalling RMB 35,000, the member would accumulate 63,000 points, three times the number of points that would have been earned based on the original standard.

Points for flights on Fortune Wings Club partner airlines or for special tickets will still be awarded according to the purchased class and flight distance. Other rules pertaining to Fortune Wings elite membership qualification and maintenance remain unchanged. Base points and base segments will still be calculated based on class and flight distance, and they only serve as the basis for elite qualification and maintenance and cannot be used for redemption.

The Fortune Wings Club will also change the award ticket redemption method to reduce restrictions on both the number of award seats available and redemption standards. This new redemption method will provide more available seats at different redemption rates, and the points required for redemption will fluctuate with real ticket prices. The lower the price, the fewer points needed for redemption. Special promotions and discounts may also be used with award tickets. These changes will greatly improve the value and flexibility of Fortune Wings points.

The changes to earning award points is the first revision to the frequent flyer awards program since the Fortune Wings Club enhanced its frequent flyer system.


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