Templestay in Korea (PRNewswire)
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Learn About Templestay in Korea at NATAS Holidays 2018

Templestay in Korea (PRNewswire)
Templestay in Korea PRNewswire

Over the years, I’ve learned about homestay. But Templestay is new to us. Templestay is a cultural programme that lets you experience the life of Buddhist practitioners at traditional temples in Korea. Korean Buddhism has a 1,700-year history. You will get to chant, meditate, have conversations over tea and eat Buddhist meals. They are meant to help you centre yourself to eventually find inner peace.

You can opt for a one-day templestay that takes around two to three hours. Visit a temple, meditate and experience a tea ceremony. An experience-oriented templestay lets you experience the Korean monastic life with one overnight weekend stay where you experience major traditional Korean Buddhist ceremonies such as attending the morning chanting, 108 prostrations, Buddhist meals with traditional bowls, and meditation. You get to make a lotus lantern or prayer beads. A rest-oriented templestay lets you relax your fatigued mind and body. This makes a stress-free vacation for your mind while you breathe in nature and restore your life through meditation and Buddhist ceremonies.

Find out more about Templestay from the Cultural Corps of Korean Buddhism at the upcoming NATAS Holidays 2018 from 17 to 19 August 2018 at Singapore EXPO Halls 3 and 4. At the Expo, draw handheld fan paintings, make traditional patterned coasters and lotus lanterns. Also, gifts will be given at the Expo to those who participate in promotional events advertised on the official Facebook page.

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